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by - June 26, 2017


So recently I was contacted by Anatomicals, a cult skincare brand offering face, body and hair care products that can be found on ASOS and their own website. I was kindly sent three items of my own choice and I was asked to review them for my readers. I had heard of Anatomicals before as I had seen them on ASOS but I had never tried their products out. I spent at least an hour browsing their website choosing what products I wanted to try out, frankly I was spoilt for choice! They certainly have a lot to offer and there is something for everyone. I finally came to a decision and decided on these items below, please know that my reviews are 100% honest! 
So I decided to go for the World Pore 3 deep cleansing nose, chin and forehead strips, the Memorably Good daily moisturiser and the Firming face mask. All products came within a couple of days, well packaged and were all full sized which I will mention are a pretty good size!

First I'm going to talk about the moisturiser, I was in desperate need of a good face moisturiser because all I had been using for the past few weeks was coconut oil and I wanted to switch things up. For a full description of the benefits of the product click here. I wanted to give this product enough time to be able to show any of the benefits it offers so I've been using it for over a week now. I love the formula of the moisturiser as it isn't sticky and it sinks into the skin quite quickly. As someone with oily skin, there is nothing worse than a moisturiser that just sits on top of the skin and makes you feel sticky and slimy. I've noticed my skin is feeling so soft recently and isn't actually as oily as it usually is which is sooo amazing! My skin also feels a lot firmer which I noticed pretty much after the first day of using this product. I actually read a few of the benefits before sitting down to write this blog post and it does claim to firm up the skin which is really cool, it's definitely doing what it says!

 So the next product I chose was the pore strips. I have nightmare areas on my nose and chin for pores and as soon as I saw these I wanted to try them out. I have tried so many pore strip products in the past and even that charcoal peel off face mask that everybody went crazy for a while back and nothing seems to work, or if they do work the results don't last for more than a day. So I first tried these out on my boyfriend and myself, I placed a strip on his forehead and I popped a strip on my nose. After about 15-20 minutes we removed the strips and my nose has never felt so smooth in my life! I was gobsmacked, and it lasted for so long. The strips go on to damp skin and kind of set once they dry, and when you peel them off you can really feel that they work. It's a bit grim but you can see everything on them too, so you know that it's working! I really recommend these strips if you're like me and you feel like you've tried everything on the market and nothing is working. These are the best I've tried so far! You can find these here.
 Last but not least is the firming face mask. I was waiting until I had a chilled evening at home watching movies until I gave this one a try. I cleansed my face beforehand and put the mask on for 20 minutes. I've never tried a sheet mask before so I don't have much to go off but I literally loved this. I felt so relaxed and the smell was AMAZING. I don't know what the scent of this mask is but it is literally incredible. So the claims of this product are to plump and tighten the skin, after I took the mask off and massaged the remaining product into my skin I did notice how healthy my skin looked, I had a really lovely glow to my face. The next morning I did notice my skin feeling tightened and more healthy looking which I will say I think is the moisturiser as well as the face mask. But overall a really nice, relaxing experience and that smell!!!! Amazing.
So overall my first experience with Anatomicals was amazing! I loved all of the products I tried out and would definitely repurchase them all as they all worked for me and my skin. Like I said even though I was kindly sent these items this review is 100% honest, any products or brands I review on my blog and Youtube channel will always be my honest opinion. I hope you guys really enjoyed this post and I hope you give some of these products a try. 

See you again soon!


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